A Brief Moment On Earth

Sometime last week, I found myself standing on a beach in Orange County watching the waves break out in the water, and roll onto the sand and rocks. The sun was orange and providing a brilliantly bright array of colors that reflected off the ocean and painted the sky and clouds. My original motivation to go there was to take photos with my new camera and lens, but oddly enough once I arrived, I didn’t mind whether or not it was used. After getting to the beach, the idea of photography was the motivation to get there, but not the reason to stay. DSC01601.jpg

I couldn’t prevent my mind from thinking about how strange life is. Considering our universe and the billions of years it’s been around, here I am witnessing a brief moment in time on a beach. The miraculous variables required to harbor life on a tiny marble have been achieved, and the entire life we live in the grand scheme of the cosmos is but a fraction of time. In this microscopic moment where our ocean is thriving and life flourishes, one person on a single beach can have a serene moment of clarity and happiness. It makes me feel pretty small. Oddly enough, I’m okay with it.

There was an inability to understand why my mind was so exuberant about this concept, but my understanding of its fleeting existence was somewhat humbling. Admittedly, this would have hit me like a wave of existential panic a few years ago. However, with the crashing waves and bleeding sun, there was a harmonious peace that I hope I can experience again in the near future. Life is short, and I’m extremely thankful to have recognized this at such an age. We don’t have a lot of time here, yet moments like this can allow that fact of life to be much more welcoming.


I was initially going to have my next blog be about sensory deprivation tanks, and the physical and mental benefits to using them. But I felt excitement when I thought about writing on this philosophical topic (if you want to call it that), so I swapped the order around a bit. This week has been very busy, but it was incredibly worth it. My friend Jackson Britt invited me to be a part of his new podcast You May Be Right: Mastermind Group Podcast. DSC01648

The podcast focuses on aspiring writers, actors, and directors; really anything that is difficult that someone can be passionate about. The general purpose of the podcast is to examine the individuals current motivations, work ethic, and pitfalls. Then, the group discusses what they believe might help the individual in his or her pursuit of improving, both personally and professionally. I’ll be on the next episode which will be posted sometime in the next week. I will leave another link in the next blog post once that time comes around. Check the channel out and subscribe! He is motivated and hard working, and I think a lot of people could benefit from this winning template he created for the channel.

I wish you all a kick-ass weekend!

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